Just to piss you off :3

I dont actually believe some of these but you can unsee it either


onety-one,onety-two,onety-three,onety-four,onety-five... twoty,threety,fourty,fifty,sixty,seventy,eighty,ninety,one hundred

Pineapple pizza > Pepperoni pizza

Pepperonis genric and boring, but hawaiians just poggers, lik ham, pineapple, whats there not to like?

The sandwich discussion

Hotdogs are sandwiches

By that logic, subs are expensive hotdogs

Tacos are thin subs, which are hotdogs, which are sandwiches

2 sandwiches put together becomes 1 sandwich (its like an infinite sandwich glitch but in reverse)

2 pizzas on top of each other is a sandwich

Hot pockets are sandwiches

Straws have no holes

A hole implies that there is something that should be there, but is missing, so for a straw to have a hole, the liquid will spill out the side. Undamaged straws have no holes

Ice Cream goes well with fries

Idk i like to order the $1 ice cream at mcdonalds with thier fries and eat them together

Toast dipped in eggs is amazing

Sounds weird but try it, its good

Yuki is an amazing chef

Let her cook!

Let her cook!

Let her cook!

Let her cook!

Let her cook!

Let her cook!

im not the c or a word

obvious and self explanatory
probably not that hot of a take
fear me