Hi! Im yuki~

About me:

Sleepy 24/7 ✓ Playful ✓ Brat ✓
Curious ✓ Shy ✓ Secretly evil ✓
TLDR cat :3

Timezone: UTC+8

Plays games~
destiny 2 (2k+ hours)
(stockholm syndrome)
Vrchat (2k hours)
yes ive paid $1k+ to sleep
Pavlov(152 hrs)
actually fun~
Beat Saber(100 hrs)
Was #69 locally, lets not talk about my global rank >.>
A bunch of rougelikes
Gunfire, slay the spire, One step from eden
Story games
Celeste and Oneshot was amazing

Does some coding (python and web stuff)! Im majoring in cybersecurity~
I love talking about IT nerd stuffs and find cybersecurity in particular super interesting, but do note I have very bad imposter syndrome so dont expect me to be smart, if i seem confused, please explain it to me if i ask, Im curious and like to learn more)

Speaks english and 冰淇淋!


I was too lazy to upload custom icons so the cardboard VR icon links to my vrchat sorry >.>

Be my fren :3 cat photos? poggers music i dont stream >.> play games with me :3 Cuddls?